N564: Advanced Practice Psych Nursing III

This didactic course will provide the student with knowledge of major psychiatric mental health conditions that occur in adults and older adults. Emphasis is placed on the effective and safe management of individuals and families with acute and chronic mental health disorders. Students will apply evidence-based knowledge, current clinical guidelines and mental health assessment tools for the formulation of individualized and culturally competent care, and evaluation of the patient outcomes. Knowledge learned in this course will be validated during the preceptorship learning experience.
Credit hours: 3
Prerequisites: N502, N503, N515PE, N512, N521, N522PE; N559; N560; N561; N562; N563
Proctored exam: No

Textbook Information

American Sentinel recommends you do not purchase your course materials until thirty days prior to the term start date.
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th
American Psychiatric Association
Washington, D.C. 2013
Groups: Process and Practice 10th
Corey, M. S., Corey, G., & Corey, C.
Cengage Learning 2017
ISBN-10: 1305865707
ISBN-13: 9781305865709
Kaplan & Sadock’s synopsis of psychiatry: Behavioral sciences/clinical psychiatry 12th
Sadock, B., Sadock, V., & Ruiz, P.
Wolters Kluwer 2021
ISBN-10: 1975145569
ISBN-13: 9781975145569
Prescriber’s guide: Stahl’s essential psychopharmacology 7th
Stahl, M.
Cambridge University Press 2020
ISBN-13: 9781108926010
Advanced practice psychiatric nursing: Integrating psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, 2nd
Tusaie, K., & Fitzpatrick, J.
Springer Publishing Company 2017
ISBN-10: 0826132537
ISBN-13: 9780826132536

Course Offerings

Term Registration
Begins - Ends
Begins - Ends
2022 Sep 8 weeks 12/01/21 - 08/31/22 09/19/22 - 11/13/22 TBD
2022 Nov 8 weeks 02/01/22 - 10/31/22 11/21/22 - 01/15/23 TBD
2023 Jan 8 weeks 05/27/22 - 12/30/22 01/16/23 - 03/12/23 TBD
2023 Mar 8 weeks 06/07/23 - 02/28/23 03/20/23 - 05/14/23 TBD